The consignment pianos listed below are pianos owned by clients offered for sale and commissioned to Arlan Harris


MUST SELL ASAP! Owner moving in 1 Month! Heintzman Baby Grand 5’4” ser. #84734 (1930's). Heintzman is a well respected piano manufacturer who has been making pianos in Canada for many years. Few instruments come to the States. I have had the fortune to work on 3 in my career. They are hand crafted and well constructed, similar to the vintage Mason & Hamlin in sound and concept. This piano was extensively restored in 1984 when purchased. This piano has a light action which makes the piano easy to play. Case has sun fading. Piano in very playable condition. Has had regular maintenance. Only 3,500.00. Call or email for details!  Audio available upon request.


For Sale: Steinway A-1 Grand, 85 note , 1885! 6'1". Rebuilt in 2011, rented to owner in 2012 and sold to owner in 2013. High gloss satin finish. Exquisite case, elegant sound, touch, marvelous instrument . Owner must sell. Price reduced to only $26.500.00! On Sale! A class A instrument and Historic. Piano in great shape includes a humidity control system and aartist bench. Well cared for twice a year by top tier piano technician.

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For Sale: Steinway A Grand, beautiful mahogany case, circ.1900-1901. 6'1". Rebuilt and refinished in 1963. Hammers/shanks replaced in 2018 along with full regulation/voicing. A connoisseur’s classic vintage “Golden Era” Steinway. Piano in great shape, great personality!  includes original bench and humidity control system. Tight #2 tuning pins. Call/text or email for more info.  ON SALE! Sale price: only 29,500.00 ! Recently evaluated by respected veteran piano technician.



For Sale: Steinway A Grand, 6’2”, black semi-gloss circ. 1904.  Rebuilt appx. 40 years ago.   Piano is very playable and holds a tune well. Some damage to lid and case. Piano can be used as-is or can be fully rebuilt. Call for more details. A good investment piano which can provide a lot of enjoyment until rebuilding is desired. Price reduced to only $13,000 dollars!On Sale! Includes  bench.  Historic collectable instrument from the “Golden Age” of Steinway. Our team can rebuild the piano on demand if or when desired.  Call/text or email for more info. Recently tuned and examined

0107 FOR SALE: Baldwin Grand Prix 7' semi-concert grand built in 1912, an early model of the famous SF10, one of the greatest semi-concert grand pianos ever produced in the United States. Amongst the other top pianos in this category, such as the Mason & Hamlin BB and Steinway B, Baldwin was #1 during the period this piano was built. Purchased by current owner in 2009, and rebuilt by John Rhodes, Head Piano Technician's Guild (Pacific Northwest chapter). Every tech who has tuned or worked on this instrument has said it is one of their Top 10 favorites. Has the rich, thunderous bass, warm, dynamic mids, and sparkling high that make this Baldwin model famous. A true gem of an instrument! Asking price: $17,995. Call for details.

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ITEM  0109
For Sale: Steinway L 1946 5'10" exquisite custom satin hand rubbed lacquer finish. Mahogany. Recently refurbished. Original Board was meticulously worked on and recrowned, new strings, bridgecap, bridgepins, strings, pinblock, tuning pins, damper felts. All new action installed, custom regulated and hammers voiced by an expert.  Full-rich, and beautiful sound. A Golden Year Steinway!  Priced like an M for only 28,000.00 dollars.  Call or write for more info.

For Sale: Steinway B ebony high polish serial # 431430 with new Steinway NY pin block, new strings, plate finish, new damper felts, and new action parts all of S & S NY. Asking price: $46,000.00 Call for more details – fantastic piano. Note: the piano is the one on the right.

For Sale: Steinway B 85 keys rosewood serial # 77145 with new soundboard and pin block installed 1990 by Steinway HH, new back action and action in 1992. The case was refinished in early 1991. Asking price: $33,000 Beautiful instrument. Call for details. Note: the piano is the one on the left.

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