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For maintaining the small tolerances and nuances required in today’s pianos, I depend on Dampp-chaser for the stability I need for the pianos I work on.

Tuning pianos is not simply taking strings and notes and putting them in tune.  A good tuner can craft a a tuning to make a significant difference in the character and tonal output of the instrument.  Once we craft a tuning , Knowing a Dampp-chaser system is maintaining the stability of the tuning is a comforting thought and adds to my peace of mind.

For me, not recommending a Dampp-chaser Humidity Control System to a client is failing to offer complete care, service, and protection for the  client’s valuable instrument.

Many of the instruments I have worked on are located in extreme climate conditions.  From Brazil to New York, I have seen extreme situations. After we installed the Dampp-chaser’s, I was able, in most cases, to further monitor the pianos over a long time period. The few pianos that did not have Damppchaser’s installed exhibited the normal signs of deterioration compared to the other pianos with Damppchaser’s installed.

With over 30 years experience as a piano technician and 25 years installing Dampp-chaser, I am convinced this is the best “devise” a piano owner can buy to protect and maintain their instrument.

The savings and benefits are huge over the long-run.  Tunings are more accurate for a longer period of time, the tone is more stable, the cellular structure of the woods are maintained and not subjected to undue stress.  It really pampers and protects the piano.

The company has always been a bright light and a source of pride in our industry.  Constant testing, research and development and continuous contact with technicians who are in the field has enabled Damppchaser to remain on the cutting edge of humidity control for pianos.  Customer satisfaction and referrals is the hallmark of the company.  

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