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Arlan Harris brings over 3 decades of expertise to his work with many top performers, festivals and concert venues.
Piano Technician's Guild of America - Master Craftsman #8786 (New York Chapter 101.) Past President of Chapter. Master Piano Technicians of America - “Master in Piano Technology and Engineering”

about arlan



In striving for perfection, beauty, art and craftsmanship, Arlan found his niche as a piano restorer and concert piano technician. A career which spans over 3 decades, Arlan has worked with some of the world’s finest pianists, concert halls, recording studios, and other major venues.

After working in the Famous Steinway Hall Basement in the 80’s, where many of the worlds most demanding artists arrived almost on a daily basis, and working as an action specialist as well as tuner/technician, Arlan honed his skills learning from his superiors, colleagues, and top level pianists.

After working for 5 years in the Steinway Hall basement, Arlan worked as an independent contractor for Steinway & Sons as a liason, concert technician, and troubleshooter for Latin and South America. This job enabled Arlan to bring his skills and talents to a broader range of people, working with all the major performing venues, traveling with symphonies and artists, assisting with public relations and sales for the various Steinway dealers in the various countries. Arlan also began a training program for the local technicians, enabling them to follow through with regular maintenance and brought Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control Systems for pianos to Latin and South America.

The installation of Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control Systems were a key component in maintaining the pianos Arlan and his team had prepared so meticulously and carefully. Without controlling and maintaining a constant humidity level, pianos are subjected to huge swings and pressures which affects the integrity of the wood, sensitive action parts, and various components in the piano.

After traveling for 12 years throughout Latin and South America and maintaining his steady clientele in New York twice a year, Arlan moved back to New York to work as the Director of Technical Services for America’s largest independent piano restoration facility, Faust Harrison Pianos. It was in this factory environment Arlan began to experiment and change specifications that were delivered to him. He found by changing geometry and other minute changes within the design and action framework, pianists were commenting the pianos were easier to play, they felt less tired, and commented on the swiftness and responsiveness the actions had. Experiments were made with the tone of the pianos and the various techniques involved. Arlan began to develop a broad range of approaches and found he can adapt to almost any kind of situation or requirement the piano or client demanded. He was happy in his laboratory and enjoyed working with the people there.

After six years at the factory, Arlan accepted a position with the famed Klavierhaus in New York City. Arlan worked as new Director of Technical Services as well as Director of Concert and Artist Division for the company for 3 years, enjoying working with wonderful people with high standards, but then decided it was finally time to open his own gallery showcasing his piano collection in Westchester, New York.  When the last piano in the collection was sold, a decision was made to go to Florida, leave a select  clientele in New York City in good hands, and moved with his lovely wife, Adriana, to Ohio and Florida where they have been enjoying a new lifestyle.


Frank Mazurko  Former Vice President Steinway & Sons.

Gene Inman Vice President (Retired) Steinway & Sons

Robert Preim  Former N.E. Rep. Baldwin   Pianos, now with Bechstein Pianos

Masaru Tsumita Chief Piano Technician, The Julliard School, New York City

Mark Weinert Head Technician, Manhattan School of Music

Kalman Detrich President: Detrich Pianos and Museum of the American Piano, N.Y.C.

Josh Faust - President Faust-Harrison Pianos Inc.

Sara & Irving Faust  Faust-Harrison Pianos Inc., NYC and Dobbs Ferry, NY

David Chesky & Bob Katz Chesky Records, New York City

Arlo Deibler Concert/Artist Div. of Steinway-Chicago

Javier Sañudo (retired) General Manager

Sala Chopin, Steinway of Mexico

Sujatri Reisinger -Klavierhaus, NY

Sergio De Simone Gluck Pianos - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Call or Text 646-831-5149


Testimonials provided upon request.   

“It is always a great pleasure to work with Arlan. He excellently prepares the Fazioli concert grands on which I perform in the New York area and is always highly attentive. His presence is reassuring. Thank you, Arlan!”
Angela Hewitt- Concert and Recording Artist

“I was so happy to attend your class, as I found many interesting ways that you presented material that was new to me, and practical help. Your very kind attitude to the class was always in evidence, respectful and knowledgeable.”
Eric Schandall- Master Piano Technician and Former Administrator/Teacher of Technical Training and Education at the C F Theodor Steinway Technical Academy at Steinway & Sons in New York City.

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