Recording Engineers

Jon Fausty, Andy de Ganahl, Bob Katz, Bill Ande, Jim Durbin, Jose Gallegos, Peter McGrath,Max Wilcox,Ryan Streber, Silos Brown, David Merrill, Joseph Patrych, Adam Abeshouse, and James Farber.



Thomas Frost, Johnathan Wearn, Angel Records, Max Wilcox, Adam Abeshouse, Mark Marganelli, Chesky Records, Suzan Napodano Delgiorno- E1 Entertainment (Formerly Koch International Classics), Silos Brown, Ryan Streber, Oktavenaudio, Joseph Patrych, Julie Sherman, Larry Kraman - Newport Classics, Americus Records, Nonesuch, Naxos, New Focus, Canadian Classics and Tim Martin.

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